15 January 2018: Added ::first-letter and ::first-line to Logical Consistency
14 January 2018: More slight rearrangement of Rock homepage (including mobile) links.
1 January 2018: Published Logical Consistency (after more tweaks). Removed Stock Watch from Rock subdomain (underlying external resources are no longer available). Slight rearrangement of Rock homepage links.
19 November 2017: More updates to Logical Consistency, identified source of first YouTube clip in Gospel Pardigms Blog Post
31 October 2017: Began a new page, Logical Consistency. Not linked to from anywhere else but here, until it's more mature.
27 October 2017: Spell checked Rock subdomain (manual copy/paste each page into Word)
21 October 2017: Minor yet significant improvements to the Rock subdomain when the background is inverted. (Background inversion is enabled on the Customize page.)
14 October 2017: Minor tweaks to various Rock pages (taking care of some old notes I've not had time to process yet).
10 October 2017: More tweaks (added notes) to Bible Basics, Family in the Bible, and Abortion.
30 September 2017: Added tweaks to Family in the Bible.
23 August 2017: Added some verses relating to defending widows & orphans, and to adoption, to Family in the Bible page.
22 August 2017: Fixed print formatting on Literally.
21 August 2017: Added black font choice and hover Bible translation choice to Rock Customize page, and fixed save button CSS (had broken with HTML5).
14 August 2017: Updates to Family in the Bible.
9 August 2017: Releasing the newest Biblical Worldview webpage: Family in the Bible.
31 July 2017: Added CSS3 keyframe animations to Rock page titles, added fieldset border radius to Bible Stories pages.
26 July 2017: Added a few concepts to the Abortion page of my Biblical Gender Identity page.
25 July 2017: Changed theme color of Rock subdomain to 12% hue (making it #1f1f1f) (only noticeable on phones).
13 July 2017: Finished adding glow effect to titles on Rock subdomain and the nav buttons on the domain homepage.
12 July 2017: Began adding glow effect to titles on Rock subdomain.
15 June 2017: Cleaned up code of Purpose for Biblical Worldview (no content changes).
28 May 2017: More miscellaneous updates mainly to Gender Identity.
6 April 2017: Numerous general updates to Gender Identity.
24 March 2017: Added four new sections to Gender Identity.
21 March 2017: Changed default theme on rock for mobile from yellow to red, from Arial to Garamond, from 12px to 20px. Changed CVE FAQ links to gray class. Corrected spelling of title of CVE FAQ Archaeology.
13 March 2017: Allowing more larger font sizes on Bible Stories, and added a bunch of pretexts and followup texts.
1 December 2016: Added a couple sections to Bible Basics.
22 November 2016: Moved a couple links on mobile Rock homepage, improved mobile friendliness of Why I Believe.
21 November 2016: Added deep link to YouVersion chapter on Bible Stories, fixed mobile redirect for Biblical Gender Identity.
04 November 2016: Split out the color blue and star birth topics on CVEFAQ
27 October 2016: Various updates to Bible Basics
26 October 2016: Redesigned tables on Literally to be CSS DIVs
25 October 2016: Added new section addressing a flat Earth to CVEFAQ
24 October 2016: Added new section on the geologic column to CVEFAQ
20 October 2016: Added new section "why does any of this matter" near bottom of CVEFAQ
18 October 2016: Added new section on pyramids and Chinese language to CVEFAQ
05 October 2016: Published Biblical Worldview pages without hardcoded links (now favoring javascript enabled links provided by RefTagger, finishing activities done on rest of subdomain on January 30th)
18 April 2016: Restored "field" (section) links at top of CVEFAQ, added Carbon Dating question to same page, added option (with PHP) to customize the hover Bible translation (affects all pages) but didn't create user interface yet.
10 April 2016: Removed the floating section "menu" option since it was meant for pre-HTML5 from my Biblical Worldview.
3 April 2016: Added a couple resources to the bottom of my testimony page.
5 February 2016: Created new page Money in the Bible.
1 February 2016: Corrected Rock subdomain background images and added !doctype to all pages finishing HTML5 compliance begun a year ago.
30 January 2016: Stripped hyperlinks to biblegateway on remaining Rock pages in favor of RefTagger script added a few days ago.
27 January 2016: Replaced circle images with HTML codes on Rock subdomain homepage. Added show/hide more history toggle to Water subdomain homepage (this page). Added more HTML codes to my standards page.
23 January 2016: Released the new Biblical Gender Identity page (includes mobile view).
19 January 2016: Upgraded to RefTagger script v2 on Rock subdomain.
12 January 2016: Added placeholders for the full gospels & proverbs to Bible Stories.
09 January 2016: Began working on a Biblical Gender Identity page (will publish when more complete).
03 January 2016: Incorporated notes accumulated from last three years (while in a master's program) and updated CVEFAQ, Literally, and began to update the main Biblical Worldview pages.
30 December 2015: Added many features to the Bible Stories and Reader pages.
15 November 2015: Added a couple summaries to my statistics page.
14 November 2015: Completely redesigned the Bible Stories and Reader pages to have a database backend, allowing 'previous' and 'next' on the Reader. (Reader was added last month but I forgot to make a change log note.)
24 September 2015: Added a bunch of piled up Random Quotes from the last year.
02 September 2015: Added link to a new 2015 photo from the root homepage.
29 August 2015: Finished making homepage look great when zoomed by updating the background image (last week had already replaced mortif images with text divs). Left a copy of the previous homepage here for comparison.
22 August 2015: Updated homepage to use div rather than table, but found my technique didn't work in IE, so partially reverted to tables
12 April 2015: Replaced mobile .inc files with .htm extension, finished converting Quotes to DIV's rather than TABLE's for mobile friendliness.
01 January 2015: Added "viewport" to Mobile Rock pages (stabilizing variable size fonts) and converted Quotes pt 1 from HTML Tables to CSS Divs (improves mobile experience, unnoticeable change for desktops/laptops).
18 October 2014: Added inversion option Rock subdomain customization options, upgraded logo on Rock Mobile hompeage (doubled it's resolution, kept same size).
05 April 2014: Changed Rock homepage to have inverted imagery for better printing.
28 February 2014: Created new Metals (stock) tracking page.
08 February 2014: Added font face/family options to Rock Subdomain.
21 December 2013: Disabled guestbook and email me options on Contact, re-enabling Reftagger on mobile devices on Rock subdomain (disabled in Sept 2010).
03 November 2013: Changed Stock Watch to only load the visible images.
21 September 2013: Finished collecting IP tracing details on last 18 months worth of hits and summarized on Stats page. Finally removing the 12th anniversary banner/ribbon from site homepage (it was two years ago).
14 September 2013: Tweaked some settings on the Stats page.
26 June 2013: Added some links, quotes, fixed a couple typos in Bible stories, and the last year's worth of notes to my Biblical Worldview & Creation vs Evolution FAQ.
16 May 2012: Added notes from November to January and notes from January to March to my Biblical Worldview. The most notable new section is Core Christianity.
16 March 2012: Finished first version of Bible Stories. I spent between 20-60 minutes a day on this every single day since I started it (average was 30, making an estimated total of 21 hours).
03 February 2012: Created a new page for Bible Stories. This is my first page that was intended more for mobile devices than laptops. Someday this may replace our paper childrens' Bibles.
20 January 2012: Finished adding Quotes from notes started earlier this month.
12 January 2012: Added notes from September through November to the Rock subdomain, though just Biblical Worldview for now, Quotes page will come next...
23 November 2011: Added notes from June through September to the Rock subdomain, mostly the Biblical Worldview and Quotes pages.
06 October 2011: Added Quotes
03 October 2011: Changed charts on my stock page from logorithmic to linear for easier comparisons.
13 September 2011: Added notes from March through May to the Rock subdomain, mostly the Biblical Worldview and Quotes pages.
10 September 2011: Added Blog to Rock subdomain. Cleaned up quotes page by consolidating multiple quotes from the same podcast/speaker into the same "row."
05 May 2011: As of April 6, 2011 my webdomain is 12 years old. Added a "ribbon" to the logo on the domain homepage.
29 April 2011: Added a new book section to favorite quotes and consolidated famous people section into random people.
05 April 2011: Added recommendations from Android Market and a couple more books. Started adding some of my favorite TED videos to my links.
22 March 2011: I continue to try to be relevant to the culture with my usual updates to BW. This time adding controversial topics for contraception, deathbed forgiveness, economic systems, home schooling and slavery.
03 March 2011: Usual updates to BW, CVEFAQ and Quotes. Changed all titles from using HTML sizing to CSS.
29 January 2011: Complete revamp of my Stocks page. Removed link to Standards page from Rock homepage, removed word "worldly" from my Quotes page.
31 December 2010: Added BlackBerry AppWorld Recommendations.
18 December 2010: Split BW section Connecting the Dots into 3 pieces rather than 2 for the mobile view.
16 December 2010: Usual updates to BW, another round of shuffling and new notes for the CVEFAQ and a few more quotes. I'm finally wrapping up my notes from Sept & Oct and getting caught up. (Having pneumonia for 5 weeks then going on a week vacation out East slowed me down.)
11 October 2010: Finished adding quotes heard via podcast in August.
9 October 2010: Finished adding BW notes from August. Rearanged some Creation vs Evolution FAQ questions, revised some wording on Why I Believe.
31 August 2010: Added BW notes from July, added a few quotes.
23 August 2010: Added BW notes from June (including maps from the gospels and acts), added many quotes, formalized my 'balance' thoughts on the Literally page, updated sitemap with Rock Mobile links.
24 July 2010: Posted photos from Sept 2009-present. However due to the time it takes to manage the photos they will now be managed in Google Picasa. See Photos subdomain for link (someone beat me to "jayden12" so I had to modify it a little). Also improved (reduced) user interface when viewing BW & CVEFAQ with a mobile device.
19 July 2010: Added quotes and other notes from my daily readings from the first half of this year to the usual pages. One new section is the maps. Added hover verse AJAX to all other Rock pages. Started my first Recommendations page for books and mobile apps. Added code so that when viewing some of my Rock pages with mobile devices (with smaller displays) we are taken to an alternate interface with the same content broken into pieces for easier reading & faster downloading (example: BW, CVE). Similarly modified the main domain homepage since onmouseover's don't work well for touch screen devices.
16 June 2010: Added mouse hover verse references to Creation vs Evolution FAQ (this is my first use of AJAX on my personal site), some more creationist scientists and an answer about whether the flood was global or local.
30 January 2010: Added our Christmas 2009 photo page.
23 January 2010: Finished a first draft of my "All Book Summary" on my Biblical Worldview.
31 December 2009: Improved my customization options on the Rock subdomain.
30 December 2009: Added notes from the last months worth of daily readings and church services, most notably a comment on "dust" in my Creation vs Evolution FAQ.
24 December 2009: Updated my Live Statistics page.
10 December 2009: Added new Why I Believe and The Word of God, Literally pages to Rock subdomain.
30 November 2009: Added new video to Photos page for Tyrone's 70th Birthday and added a link to the Waiting for Baby 1 page.
17 November 2009: In the last month I have added notes from Proverbs to my Biblical Worldview, including a few new sections: "Genesis, the origin of...[everything]", "Absolute Truth", "Fear God", "Holy Wars", "Pleasing God by being a good person", "One book perhaps more important than the Bible" and "Contradictory perceptions of God". This completes a 6 year endeavor as a lay person to create a first draft. Now we start over and work on the second draft... Also added 5 Keys to Financial Success to my Standards page and 5 quotes to my Favorite Worldly Quotes page (including breaking out a new section for Craig Groeschel).
01 November 2009: Added a few quotes to my Favorite Worldy Quotes. Added new section to my Creation vs Evolution FAQ on Genesis 1 versus 2.
19 October 2009: Created a simple little sheer page to demo something trivial but something I wanted to be able to do for ten years. Next is to get a little more advanced... Also updated sitemap for first time in over a year possibly.
11 October 2009: Posted 99 photos to a Summer Vacations 2009 photo page.
04 October 2009: Updated Biblical Worldview with notes from Psalms
29 September 2009: Updated Purpose for Biblical Worldview, added option to underline links on my cookie page.
26 September 2009: Added the option to customize the link colors using a cookie on my Rock subdomian. (My first use of cookies on this website.)
23 September 2009: Added a few quotes to my Favorite Worldy Quotes (three from Erwin, one from Craig Groeschel and a senator)
17 September 2009: Added table of contents to Creation vs Evolution FAQ, section on "redefining evolution to be natural selection" and completely revised my conclusions.
10 September 2009: Added evidence of ocean chemistry to Creation vs Evolution FAQ.
03 September 2009: Added 82 new photos to a new Winter and Spring photos page.
29 June 2009: Added table of contents and links to every subsection on my Biblical Worldview. (Also broke the page into 9 include files for easier upkeep, but users will not notice this.)
25 June 2009: Added notes from 2 Peter, 1-3 John, Jude and Revelation to my Biblical Worldview. Completed my personal outline of Revelation (one of the first sections I started, finally got around to finishing it).
15 May 2009: Added notes from James & 1 Peter to my Biblical Worldview.
12 May 2009: Added another good verse to Creation/Evolution, added a quote to Worldly Quotes.
13 April 2009: Exceeded 300KB by adding notes from my daily readings of Titus & Hebrews to my Biblical Worldview.
11 April 2009: Added another thought to the literal interpretation of "day" in my Creation vs Evolution FAQ.
06 April 2009: Finished notes on Biogenesis on my Creation vs Evolution FAQ.
03 March 2009: Added notes from 1 & 2 Thesalonians and 1 & 2 Timothy to my Biblical Worldview.
01 January 2009: Created a Fall 2008 photos page with 68 photos and 8 videos, as well as a Christmas Vacation to Costa Rica photos page with 72 photos. Released the Video of the Year for 2008.
12 December 2008: Improved the functionality of dynamic font size changes on all pages on the Rock subdomain.
04 December 2008: Added notes from 2 Corinthians and Galatians to my Biblical Worldview.
15 November 2008: Created the Summer 2008 photos page with 47 photos and 5 videos. Posted the animated slideshow I made for my wife's surprise birthday party, named Guess Who Is Turning 30?
10 October 2008: Added ten more quotes to my Favorite Worldly Quotes page (eight from Erwin and one from Francis Chan and N.T. Wright).
02 October 2008: Months of piled up changes: Added 56 photos to new 2008 (winter & spring) Photos. Updated CSS for Rock subdomain so text is white on screen but black in print (formerly gray when printed). Added my first side scrolling navigation menu to the Biblical Worldview page. Increased file size of the BW page by 80% (from 150KB to 275KB) by adding piled up notes from my readings of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans and 1 Corinthians. New section highlights include Is God a Pacifist, the Promises of God, God Loves Everyone, God Hates Religion, What Did the Prophets Say About Jesus, What Did Jesus Say About Himself, What Did the Apostles Say About Jesus, Spiritual Gifts, Women of the Bible, Do We Automatically Go to Hell If We No Believe in Jesus, the Law Faith and Deeds, Anomalies, Judging, To Be or Not to Be, and Terminology.
24 May 2008: Added a little subpage to my Resources for a Biblical Worldview where I am publishing my notes. Added eight quotes from, and created a section for, Erwin McManus (my favorite preacher) to my Favorite Worldly Quotes.
15 March 2008: Added an explaination for the quote on my domain homepage. (I meant to add an explaination page like this when I reorganized 360 days ago but never got around to it until now.) Changed the link on the domain homepage from pointing to an MP3 to pointing to the explaination page instead (which still has the link to the MP3).
02 March 2008: Created Videos of the Year page with four videos (not password protected). Added a bunch more to my Creation vs Evolution FAQ. (The questions about blue stars, light years, sedimentary layers, stalagtites, platypus, zealots, and Occam's razor. Plus I updated the ones about the Moon, Eagle Nebula and the conclusion.) Made sure there was at least one Bible verse reference in each answer. Added topic specific links under most Q/A's. Added links for my kids on the Links page. Created (reproduced) Mommy's first three themed baby photo books (protected) on the Photos subdomain. Can you tell the wife took the kids for the weekend again? :)
27 January 2008: More additions to my two most serious pages on the Rock subdomain.
19 January 2008: Created 2007 Best Video of the Year and added four quotes to my Favorite Worldly Quotes page.
13 January 2008: Added a conclusion to my Creation vs Evolution FAQ.
07 January 2008: Added sections to my Creation vs Evolution FAQ.
01 January 2008: Added 4 photos to the Fall page and comments to all on the page. Updated the purpose explanation of my Biblical Worldview page and the usual additions of verses here and there throughout. Removed the PDF link at the top, it was too much work to keep it synchronized.
16 December 2007: Added Fall photos, gave better names to the movies in Spring, Summer Vacation and Summer pages.
25 November 2007: Added Meaning of Life section to my Biblical Worldview page, as well as a couple dozen verses throughout, most notably to the wisdom and characters of God and Satan sections. (I have plenty more to do, but having three girls under three kind of slows you down!)
26 October 2007: Added a bunch more to my Biblical Worldview page, namely the purpose, lead roles, disecting the ten commandments and external links sections. Also altered the translations section and added dozens of verses throughout. (FYI, the file has doubled in size since May of this year, and that is after removing a few kilobytes worth of NOWRAP's.)
23 October 2007: Created Summer page with 63 photos and 5 videos.
19 October 2007: Finally got around to commenting the photos I posted back on July 28th
04 September 2007: Added a bunch of sections to my Biblical Worldview page, namely the dinosaurs living with humans controversial topic, what do the prophets say about Jesus, what does Jesus say about himself, what does the Bible say about itself, diet/nutrition, stories where animals played a significant role, miracles for the sake of God's glory, good examples of voluntarily give God glory in public and future times themes. Also is the Bible relevant today and extended history of the Bible sections.
29 July 2007: Added my first database! For lack of better idea I made a guestbook from scratch. The point is not a guestbook, the point is to demonstrate an interactive website that displays data from a database. You can access it from my Contact page. Perhaps someday I will have time to research querying the weather or something else more infinitely updating... (Thanks Honey for taking the kids all weekend so I could make all these changes!)
28 July 2007: Added 66 photos to a new Spring page and another 98 to a new Summer Vacation page. Added custom 401 error message for those of you who do not know the password to my protected photos but try your luck anyway. (So far have bothered to make custom error pages 401 and 404.) Added dynamic font resizing to all pages on Rock subdomain. Added question/answer 13 to Creation vs Evolution FAQ. Finally got my Contact page working. (It has been broken since changing hosting providers back in September.)
30 June 2007: Added a few links.
19 May 2007: Minor additions to my Biblical Worldview page, including "angelic interactions", "God fights for Israel" and "end times" themes.
28 April 2007: Added a fun meta graphic to the About page.
26 April 2007: Improved PHP utilization of Rock subdomain by converting standard header, dividers and footer into "include" files (behind the scenes change only).
20 March 2007: Major reorganization of the entire site. Moved www.jayden12.com/dave/ into sky.jayden12.com, moved blue themed pages in the root of www.jayden12.com into water.jayden12.com. Photos.jayden12.com and fire.jayden12.com did not change. Rock.jayden12.com was created and a few pages from sky were moved to rock. Archives.jayden12.com created. The Site Map (above) has been updated.
25 February 2007: I could not resist spending a few minutes updating my Creation vs Evolution FAQ. There is so much good stuff to document! :)
18 February 2007: Added comments to the Fall, Christmas and Winter photos as well as added 22 photos and 4 videos to the Winter photos. Finally added thumbnail images to the main menu page for the Christmas and Winter photos pages.
21 January 2007: Added a few more lines to my Creation vs Evolution FAQ, while I had it on the brain.
20 January 2007: Added a few lines to my Creation vs Evolution FAQ and added 14 photos to the usual place.
02 January 2007: Completed the Fall scrap book by adding 5 final photos, created Christmas photos, and began the Winter 2007 photo pages.
08 December 2006: Added this years Merry Christmas page.
25 November 2006: Created Fall photos page, added 8 videos to the Summer page, including the video of the year.
07 October 2006: Added 19 photos to the Summer page. Added a fifth photo to the rotating Hawaii photos on the homepage.
30 September 2006: Ready to release my fire.jayden12.com subdomain. (I made it a couple months ago but decided I had better remove the copywrited material before releasing!) Since I do so much coding at work I figured it was time to make my own reference list of handy website codes and tricks. It is just a skeleton for now, but it is a start. These are my first PHP pages.
16 September 2006: Created photos.jayden12.com subdomain, which is redundant to www.jayden12.com/photos/, but different and fun. Improved left click zoom code to work correctly with FireFox web browser.
09 September 2006: Added over 20 photos to the Summer page.
07 September 2006: Changing hosting providers resulted in a bunch of technical changes. Protected photos changed from using ASP to secure them to server side directory password protection. Contact page will be broken until it can be converted to PHP. These blue themed pages have been reverted back from ASP to HTM, perhaps someday to switch to PHP or some other language that allows for "included" headers and footers.
10 August 2006: Added brand new section for 100% home made Baby Games. Upgraded JavaScript used on my secured photos so that when you click on a photo it doubles in size (indefinitely) and then when you right click it halves in size (indefinitely). Directly related, I added option to dynamically enable and disable the right click context menus on the same pages (so they don't interfere with the shrinking).
24 July 2006: Added 1 photo I left out of the Spring 2006 photos.
15 July 2006: Began Summer 2006 photos page with 16 photos and a video. Added option of telling me your name when entering the password to get into the photos.
04 July 2006: Added 2 videos to Winter photos collection, 51 photos & 19 videos to finish off the Spring photos collection. Yes, I know this is a lot at once, but I put in waay to many hours of overtime at work the last few months, not to mention having two babies, there was not much time to post photos :)
07 May 2006: Added a dynamic 5 minute timer to my countdowns.
29 April 2006: Added photos from Baby 2's dedication to the spring photos.
23 April 2006: Added photos from Easter weekend, as well as a few other random spring photos.
02 April 2006: Finshed off the winter and began the spring photos.
08 March 2006: Added a few winter photos.
25 February 2006: Added a few winter photos.
14 January 2006: Started Winter 2006 photos (protected). Congratlations Baby 2, you made it into the world! :)
31 December 2005: Reorganized the photos, ditched the previous menu, changed the baby photos pages to ASP to allow password protecting. Added password protection. Added a dozen photos from our excellent Christmas vacation.
29 December 2005: Reorganized and subtly redesigned these "blue" themed pages, and changed them to ASP for standard "included" headers & footers.
17 December 2005: Almost forgot this year's Christmas card!
13 December 2005: Added icons at the top of my Creation vs Evolution FAQ, Biblical Worldview and Standards pages. Also reorganized the links in My Domain and My Fun Projects. Finally, what would an update be without a couple baby photos?
26 November 2005: Added 13 new baby photos and videos and two family photos. Created a new Creation vs Evolution FAQ page.
29 October 2005: Added over a dozen baby photos and videos, her dedication verse and a family photo.
8 October 2005: Added 16 baby photos (plus 1 video) and 1 family photo. Added a couple sections & a print format to my Biblical Worldview page. Updated comments above for only second or third time since I created this page in mid 2000.
10 September 2005: Added 25 baby photos and 1 family photo.
20 August 2005: Reorganized the directory structure a little by moving the remaining photo collections (wedding, travels) to the photos section. Added photos of baby 1 and our family.
12 August 2005: Added an Email Me page! This is my first ever working ASP page.
01 August 2005: Our adoption has been finished and she is ours. Photos from our trip to pick her up are now available. The old photos have been moved here. A new family photos page has also been begun.
02 July 2005: Finally figured out how to pass form variables from page to page using only javascript. See Form 5.
10 June 2005: Created a new Photo Album section. Replaced the Baby links from a couple days ago with this new link. I have updated my Biblical Worldview page a couple times in the last few weeks also.
09 June 2005: Can you tell it's my spring/summer vacation this week? Today I moved a photo from Married to Kitties and added three more to Kitties.
08 June 2005: Added three pictures to Married photos and seven to Kitty photos.
07 June 2005: Added icon to Baby photos above, replaced Wedding links on the "blue" pages with Baby links.
21 May 2005: Improved the countdown pages by making them count up when the countdown is completed, and moved them to a new location.
05 May 2005: Created a Java speed benchmark page.
01 May 2005: Removed icon link to wedding photos from this page. It was the only link to a single event and can now instead be accessed from the sitemap. Created a countdown clock. Added a couple bunny and kitty photos.
14 April 2005: Totally renamed the baby photos to remove her name. A friend warned me about giving away kids names on the Internet, and I am afraid they were right.
13 April 2005: Added a photo to our married photos collection, created Taiwan 2005 photos page and created a first page for baby photos!
20 March 2005: Added an Easter greeting.
27 February 2005: Created a useless little shapes page, both dark and light versions.
19 February 2005: Created a page dedicated to form samples.
29 January 2005: Added a Hawaii highlights page and some original samples.
08 January 2005: Updated my site notes page. Added search engine to bottom of this page.
18 December 2004: Added the annual Jayden 12 Christmas card using four never before released photos from Hawaii.
20 November 2004: Added 13 pictures to our kitty photos and shrunk their display. Click a picture to see normal size. Same thing for the bunnies.
31 October 2004: Added two pictures to our married photos and eight to our kitty photos.
17 September 2004: We got a new kitty upon returning from Hawaii. We named her Maui!
28 August 2004: Finished the Hawaii photo pages. I have added 16 scans and one more original digital image, as well as finished the other page.
08 August 2004: Added new Hawaii photo pages and a photo to my general married photos collection.
04 April 2004: Added 9 new bunny photos and created a new kitty photo page.
08 February 2004: Began a new Biblical Worldview page, as well as reorganized my Toys.
10 January 2004: Added photo to Merry Christmas 2003 and regular Photos pages.
04 December 2003: Merry Christmas 2003
23 November 2003: Added new photo page for our bunnies!
05 November 2003: My site was down for two months. Oops. I am taking this time to reorganize some of my older sites, so some old links to my site may not work any more, but don't worry, nothing has been deleted, it's all still here :)
18 July 2003: Added a page to show off my screen saver I made for work.
13 July 2003: Added pictures from our trip to Costa Rica, as well as new section summarizing my World Travels.
09 July 2003: Changed the above onmouseover buttons from Java to DHTML.
19 March 2003: Added a form at the bottom of the Links page to allow you to quickly contact your local lawmakers or media.
11 January 2003: Alaska, the Special Edition. Reposted pictures 50% larger, and added two never before seen! Revised the coding of my sitemap so that it hopefully works better on Macintoshes.
07 December 2002: Added Episode II theme page and Dynamic Background page.
03 November 2002: Added Shuttle Photos... with special effects (revised 12/07).
20 October 2002: Updated my Babylon Project page to demonstrate a new expanding and collapsing sections function.
31 July 2002: Added mouse text to Links page, as well as added a bunch of safety links.
12 July 2002: Redesigned this page a little, enhanced icon quality, and replaced contact page with a new quotes page.
27 June 2002: Changed vertical scroll bar colors of initial blue themed pages.
25 June 2002: Added photos from our recent trip to China and a simple tribute to the American Flag. Reorganized my general photos page(s).
21 January 2002: Added one photo to my pictures page, replaced all references to my codename with my real name.
15 December 2001: Merry Christmas 2001...
06 October 2001: Added a nifty little javascript to my "toys" collection. Click here to see it.
27 September 2001: Cool features added to the Site Map such as rotating photos and customizable background images.
15 September 2001: Added a Site Map, accessed only from this page in the top paragraph above. Created "My Memorial to the World Trade Center"
31 August 2001: Added picture to my picture page.
25 July 2001: Finally added a cool java effect into my 'The Matrix' theme page.
21 July 2001: Major changes to content of this page, as well as added governmental links on the links page.
17 June 2001: It's our anniversary. I made my own e-card :)
13 April 2001: Added common navigation links on left side of each "Blue" themed page. Created Links page. Modified red shapes on homepage and this page to animate on load.
25 February 2001: One of seven random Bible quotes now appear each time you visit the homepage.
2 January 2001: We got a scanner for Christmas :) Check out new photos in Dave's Domain (2), Our Wedding Photos from Friends (3), CCF Chicago Mission Trip 2000 (9), and CCF Spring 2000 Photos (4).
10 December 2000: Compare some presidential candidates. OK, so one of them is fictional.
30 November 2000: Oops! A domain name server problem kept my site down for a whole month! Four month activity consists of a simple form on my contact page (which does not work) and a new page called DCSS.
30 July 2000: They are finally here! Pictures from the wedding.
10 July 2000: With the publication of this new interface, I now officially have over FOUR HUNDRED web pages (.htm & .html files) visible, each of which I coded completely by hand using Notepad and Internet Explorer.
9 July 2000: All the wedding pages have been relocated. Any old links we gave out before the wedding will no longer work. Pictures from the wedding have been posted. :) (We have not been able to post the professional ones yet, but there are plenty of others already.)