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What does "jayden twelve" mean?!

      Where in the world did I get a name like that? I think I can safely say that I am not the only one who has seen the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Thine Own Self." To refresh your memory, this is the one where Data is accidentally stranded on a preindustrial planet without his memory and with a lot of highly radioactive garbage. The villagers he come across give him a name, Jayden. This was my all time favorite episode of the series and I really liked the name. All through childhood I had a callsign of "Myrkul", but www.myrkul.com just didn't seem right. A long time ago I was playing with Photoshop and designed a picture with that Jayden name. But Jayden by itself was kind of boring. I had been a fan of another science fiction TV show, Babylon 5, for a couple years by this time so I chose a number to go with it to give it some personality. I chose '12' for a couple reasons. One is it is the biggest number that is still one sylable. It is also one of the significant numbers in the Bible. Finally, a name like "jayden12" just sounds like a website (or an email) so it stuck.

      As for what the name actually means, I never knew until I came into correspondence with a nice lady from the United Kingdom back in the summer of 1999. She told me her testimony about how the name & meaning of the name "Jayden" has special meaning for her. Click here to read her story. And another gentleman from Australia emailed me in 2004 after reading this and told me hist story. Click here to read his. (I got permission in advance to post both of those.) Thanks for sharing you two!

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