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About the name Jayden

From: Jayden
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2004
To: Dave & Dora Beth
Subject:   About the name Jayden

Dear Dave & Dora Beth,
      Hello! My name is Jayden - I hope you don't mind me sending you an email but I had to share something with you. Obviously my name is also Jayden (like Caroline's 4 year old son!), I live in Australia (although I am currently in Christchurch, New Zealand) - I have never known what my name means, mainly because my parents liked the name Jade for a girl and John for a boy but couldn't decide on the two, so they came up with a suitable hybrid - I'm not saying that my parents are responsible for the name - but when I was a child seeking the meaning of my name, it was nowhere to be found, even after searching through every source of info I could with my Mum. This deeply saddened me even though Dad made up a few meanings for fun with me. Regardless, I have never been able to feel comfortable with my name lacking meaning, and felt I was missing out because my older brothers have very strongly defined names (Adam and Christopher), until now! It is quite bizarre actually, because I gave my life to Jesus Christ when I was 16 and I have been serving Him with a music ministry ever since, to the point where it has taken me around the world touring with a band called Sons Of Korah (we put music to the Psalms) - hence, the reason why I'm in New Zealand at the moment. A lady named Mary-Anne asked me what my name meant yesterday at a Baptist church after playing there with the band and when I said I have never really known she said that I should ask God to tell me what He means by the name Jayden - so I did. How amazing it is to me that it means "GOD HAS HEARD" and I've spent almost every waking moment playing music to Him in the last 10 years, desiring to be heard! To hear your incredible testimony in the naming of your son Jayden it has only served to encourage me and quite frankly reduce me to tears - thankyou so much for putting it on your site - the first time I've checked what Jayden means in 17 years, and it took me 17 seconds!
      Thankyou so much! Feel free to reply if you wish and if you have a spare 5 minutes!

Yours in Jesus' name,