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What Does ‘Jayden’ Mean?

From: Caroline
Sent: Friday, June 25, 1999
To: Dave
Subject:   Re: Jayden12.com

      I have a son aged 4 named Jayden, my husband had a few names in mind but insisted on the name Jayden (he's also an anorak wearing treky) after his birth.

      No one liked the name initially (me included) but everyone loves it now! It suites him. We both thought it was a made up name from TNG and I couldn't believe it when I saw it was a real name.

      I have attached the web page with the meaning behind the name. I have tried to find the origin but I have had no luck as yet.

      It was so eerie when I found the meaning of Jayden and even my husband (who insists he is an atheist) thought it was 'unbelievable' and 'very spooky' when I showed him and I will tell you why.

      On May 15, 1995, for reasons unknown - Jayden's heart stopped beating while I was giving birth to him. We were hysterical, I was put to sleep immediately and at 21:21 the stillborn little body of our beloved child was delivered by emergency caesarean. Mick was ushered from the room and you know the old saying about 'acts of a desperate man' well in his overwhelming pain and grief he dropped to his knees and begged God (yes the same God he has always refused to acknowledge the existence of) to help him.

      The doctor then came out and in utter shock he told Mick that he had managed to resuscitate Jayden and he was absolutely fine.

      To this day I can't believe it. Mick insisted on calling him Jayden and I chose Gabriel as his middle name. I will never forget and I will always be humble. I was spared from a lifetime of mourning and grief and I believe Jayden's life was spared for a purpose.

      Now go look [scroll down] at the meaning of his name and tell me what you think?


God has heard